Europe zeroPoint! Enters a Golden Era

zP! CS:S welcomes another Dane
After a successfull run in the KGL, an elimination in the CEVO European Skirmish and the release of Counterstrike: Global Offense rapidly approaching, our very own Counterstrike: Source team has had to undergo yet another roster change.

We can now leak the golden news that long serving zeroPoint! icon, Patrik "nkr" Flodin decided to step down in order to focus on his studys and play a bit of Starcraft 2 on the side again. As his replacement we would like to welcome Niklas "the_legend" Hansen to the family.

Niklas, who you will probably recognize under his former handle "Peeman", is no stranger to high level play, having represented the danish powerhouse Ministry of Defence in Day of Defeat: Source, as well as Roskilde Ravens, wegame and the Danish national team in Call of Duty 4.

We caught up with Niklas and asked him to give us a small statement:
While I was serving my Danish national service, I had the pleasure to occasionally play as a stand in for the zP.css team. I was really enjoying playing with all the guys, and when I returned, I heard that Patrick wanted to step down from FPS gaming and instead pursue his SC2 career. Therefore I got the chance to step into the gap he'd left. Starting FPS gaming again after a break for around 2 years playing on a higher level, has been a tough challenge, but I feel like I'm learning fast and see a bright future with the team. Thanks to zeroPoint! Gaming and the team for giving me this opportunity.

zP! CSS is now:
Michael "micHiii" Rosen
Niklas "the_legend" Hansen
Jesper "JELZ" West
Bart "souL" Van den Bergh
Matt "turtz" Coppard

Last but not least we would like to thank Patrik for his dedication in the past eight months. Patrik will however stay in the organisation, taking over a position in the management.

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Europe Dedi Games Packages from GPS

It can be difficult to start your own organisation or host your own league or cup if you can't find support from a server hosting company. Such sponsorship can be hard to come by, dedicated servers can prove expensive and hosting multiple stand-alone game servers can be costly, inflexible and awkward to maintain.

That's why we're pleased to announce that our partner have come up with a more cost-efficient solution to the problem; Dedi Games Packages. These packages are based on hardware usage and don't limit the games on your servers, the number of slots or even the number of servers you want to host, allowing you total control over the deployment of your hardware.

And thanks to's fantastic browser-based control panel system, it's all really easy to set up and manage. You simply choose the game you want to play, the number of slots you want on the server and it'll install it automatically.

The guys at hope that their exceptionally affordable packages will encourage new esports entrepreneurs, team leaders and cup administrators to take a chance and expand their operations.

And that's not all, because we here at zeroPoint! Gaming are able to give you a 20% discount across all the products in the range. Simply use the code zp20 at checkout to knock off a huge chunk of your monthly payments.

Click here for further information on the Dedi Games Packages and here to go straight to the website.

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Iceland zeroPoint! adds a new Counter-Strike team

zeroPoint! iceland

Not too long ago we parted ways with our former Counterstrike team and decided that this should be the closing chapter in the 1.6 section for us.
However, after we have heard that our former player Jolli decided to open up a full icelandic team again we started talks with him. In his short stint in the 1.6 team he showed us the passion and the dedication we were looking for which made recruiting a team under his lead an easy call for everyone involved.
The team will have their first showing in the upcomming Icelandic eSports League where they hope to take the title. We have also spoken to Jolly and asked him to introduce his teammates to our readers.

Eyjólfur Jolli Eyjólfsson
Jolli is the only player from the old zP! 1.6 team. His posetition at the team hasnt change as he is still the aggressive awper and early picker. The only new thing in his play is that he has taken the ingame strat position with goa7er. They help each other with that. Jolli main strong sides is that he is a very good aggressive player with really good knowledge of the game, he´s also a really good clutcher.

Sigurđur Azaroth Haukur Guđnason
Azaroth is our most experienced player. He played this game for more then 10 years and in the top scene almost the whole time. His strong side is the understanding of the game and the teamplay. After stepping down from the calling position in the team his aim been upgrading day after day. Hes the daddy of the team as he is the man that keeps the team going with a good moral and a sick attitude.

Styrmir goa7er Tómasson
goa7er is our most strongest solid aggressive player. His comfort zone is when he gets the permit to be around the map and really push his positions. Hes also a very intelligent player nad played the game for a good long time. He and Jolli divide between them the strat calling position wich helps really divide the stress. When goa7er is playing his best it is really hard stopping him and he can many times win games almost on his own.

Hafţór instinct Bergmann
instinct is maybe the player that played this game the smalles but he makes that up with one of the most and best reflex aims you have seen. Hes a really solid player and just like goa7er he can win games on his own. His future is really bright and he will be a really big chain in our team in the future.

Gestur floGa Ragnarsson
The red head monster is a really experienced and old player with a really big playing time. Hes a really dependable in his picks and in defencive position. His main strong side is that he got solid aim and really good teamplay. He has a really ambition for the game and talks all the time about what to do better in the game so we can always upgrade our game style.

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