ESL Premier Teams: Clutchmasterz

Today we bring you clutchmasterz who, sadly, are not preceding to the knockouts after finishing 6th in their group. We will hopefully see them preforming strongly once again in the winter and spring seasons.

nbad kindly took time to interview turtz who plays light for cm and is a long time member of the squad. Here are his thoughts on clutch's ESL campaign.

We're now four weeks into the ESL Autumn Season and you've made two enormous team shuffles in that space picking up and subsequently dropping chippo, viper, ki and Una and replacing them with a single player; Lindo. Can you explain just what's been going on in terms of your active player base?
Wow, where to begin. Basically we came back to play just for fun really, but the team was pretty inactive so we made some shuffles to get more active, picking up the swedes and viper. Moving to Casca as it didnt really feel like cm, and then we were finding the feel in game wasn't as good, some in-game conflicts so we decided to make another shuffle, back onto the old or more original player lineups. And here we are! So we have 6 with a 7th backup player, and just play Sunday, Monday, Tuesdays.
The core players of your team should be instantly recognizable to most Day of Defeat: Source players, but for the sake of those scant few who don't know, could you briefly introduce your teammates?
Well we on rifles we have:

Bourne - Previous top rifle in the game, a monster with the garand, as he is still is, just working to get his kar skills back at the moment. Probably the reason why we are being so awful

Ristous - A lot of people are probably like WHO? as he's been out of the game for 3 years. But back in the OLD TLR, was part of the rifle team with myself and seiken, got sick aim and reflexs, finnish superstar, who i've had the pleasure of playing with over almost 5 maybe 6 years.

Lindo - Cool guy, amazing player, has a good teamplay and game sense, brings a great atmsophere whenever playing. Very under-rated player.

On heavies we have.. For now at least...

ruohiz - Has amazing aim and reflexs, but what he has in that doesn't make up for his lack of game sense at the moment He is our resident bazooka when he doesnt have his care pants on which is a lot. Watch this space though, he said he's gonna start trying soon ^_^ so expect some 4 bombs Oh and he loves to be a keyboard warrior.

mattiii - Only recently gone back to heavy, but i can already feel its bringing a sense of stability to our game, when playing regularly can hold his own against the best. Him and antti should make a good combination.

And on sniper.

bAc - My brother, has good aim and reflex's. Hasn't really ever gone full time sniper, but once he gets his internet sorted, and Sky stop reducing his bandwidth at peak times, I'll think he will take to it like a duck on water. But we will wait and see. Another old timer.
On paper, clutchmasterz is probably one of the most experienced and capable teams in the tournament, but you've now played four games and taken four straight losses. Is this a symptom of a 'we don't care' attitude? Or perhaps a result of the afformentioned roster changes? Or is something else undermining the team?
Good question, we are taking it with a pinch salt, between the lineup changes, we know it takes some time to get back to our best. I always forgot we are missing 2 players from the old team, that were what I'd call solid reliable impact players in LUK3 and RiN, and jo3y to some extent So to judge this lineup in comparable to that is the same as taking antrax, exel or NoMercy away from zP. Would be a totally different team. Over the last few games, in respect to this week the feel in the team is a lot better, we are out-fragging the majority of teams but loosing silly caps, so once we iron out our stupidness we should be moving in a good direction.
In the rest of the Autumn Season, there's been a number of surprising upsets, at least for me. How do you feel about the progression of the groups? Would you have expected going in to see these sorts of results, with teams clearly so closely matched?
Well its kinda of been a half hearted attempt at best from us. Just never seemed like our heart has been in it, maybe its because we are all past it, who knows. But we werent sure what to expect, i'd of expected to win a couple of games at least but our group I would say would be the group of death. We'd like to end on a high, so we maybe we can dust our try pants off and seal a win for the last game. One thing I would say, the map weeks are awful, hard to get people motivated to play shitty maps!
And finally: There's obviously two big names in European Day of Defeat: Source right now. zeroPoint! and FirstFrag. Essentially two European mixes comprised of some of the best players Day of Defeat: Source has seen. When the two teams inevitably face off against each other, who are you expecting to take it?
Big thanks to turtz for the answers and to nbad for the interview. Sorry I am publishing this late, removed a question that was out of date.

Age: 26
Location: United Kingdom
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1 LUMbERjACK is offline Guam LUMbERjACK 2011-12-02 20:26:54 CET


2 jo3y is offline England jo3y 2011-12-02 21:34:42 CET

When the two teams inevitably face off against each other?

we've have played zP! in officals a few times :D, besides what's to say first or zP! don't meet in the final?

you never know ;o

3 nkr is offline Finland nkr zeroPoint! Gaming  2011-12-02 23:10:03 CET

scumbag coppards, creates awesome lineup, still doesnt win

4 ChinK is offline England ChinK 2011-12-03 04:14:48 CET

Lindo I want to poke your anus :D

5 mattiiii is offline England mattiiii 2011-12-03 10:37:45 CET

i care antti....i care.

6 Beluga is offline Sweden Beluga 2011-12-03 11:20:25 CET

Only for balls mattiii, only for balls ;)

GL to you guys:)

7 bAc is offline United Kingdom bAc 2011-12-03 11:37:28 CET

gonna be sniping like a baus...might watch some michii demos and get my lame on.

8 antrax is offline Sweden antrax zeroPoint! Gaming  2011-12-03 13:09:22 CET

cool gusy.

9 Alfie- is offline England Alfie- HOTW Submitter Gold 2011-12-03 13:30:39 CET

start fragging!

10 RicKaaa is offline United Kingdom RicKaaa 2011-12-03 13:34:35 CET

ben you were shit on scope when your tried for vye ;)

11 v1nny is offline Netherlands v1nny 2011-12-03 15:51:32 CET

Ruohiz liek a bawz.

12 liiiNkje is offline Spain liiiNkje 2011-12-03 16:35:54 CET

nice guys:_

13 Lindo is offline United Kingdom Lindo 2011-12-03 18:23:04 CET

#4 <333333

14 kforce is offline Belgium kforce 2011-12-03 20:46:47 CET

cool team

15 Lokj is offline Netherlands Lokj 2011-12-03 20:53:33 CET

cant believe they aint owning it up atm. they shat on me more than once in the past (doesnt say anything, but they also shat on better players than me :)

maybe age does make a difference :D

16 rthlz is offline England rthlz 2011-12-03 20:54:47 CET

nice lads , great players :)

17 LUK3 is offline England LUK3 2011-12-03 21:01:49 CET

#15 I think I know what the difference is! they miss me, rin + joey! :D


18 rippeR- is offline Germany rippeR- 2011-12-03 22:41:13 CET

ha. I just remembered how often I got raped from you in 1.3. Now I'm having these 5:20 stats every 2nd war :P good old days ~

19 bAc is offline United Kingdom bAc 2011-12-03 23:30:19 CET

they miss your frags luke...not you ;-)

20 LUK3 is offline England LUK3 2011-12-03 23:34:26 CET


21 bAc is offline United Kingdom bAc 2011-12-04 01:43:26 CET

found nkr's old cfg, time to get me snipe on.

22 nkr is offline Finland nkr zeroPoint! Gaming  2011-12-04 01:46:55 CET


23 ZBR is offline Sweden ZBR 2011-12-04 14:17:49 CET

Awesome guys.
Really enjoyed playing along u all :)

24 RicKaaa is offline United Kingdom RicKaaa 2011-12-04 16:24:52 CET

Play off heroes!

25 derviiiil is offline Botswana derviiiil 2011-12-04 20:00:21 CET

nice read

26 jskd is offline Finland jskd 2011-12-07 12:44:34 CET

go, antti

27 Theus is offline Germany Theus 2011-12-07 13:58:47 CET

turtz, meh

28 aFTErSh0CK is offline Georgia aFTErSh0CK 2012-01-11 13:38:42 CET


29 mutley is offline Denmark mutley 2012-01-11 14:38:15 CET


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